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Taking A Chance On Trance

Tapping Into Subconscious To Lose Weight


What's on your mind?

What change would you most like to make?

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The emphasis is on you at Chicago Hypnosis Center. Your goals, your progress, your results.

Whether you want to change a habit, change your state of mind, or really go big and change your life, hypnosis is an amazing tool for transformation. But it's not magic or voodoo - there is no man-behind-the-curtain at Chicago Hypnosis Center.

Instead, you'll be working with certified hypnotists who put you in charge of your results ... and give you the direction and the support you need to achieve them.

After six years and more than 1200 clients, the professionals at CHC know how to identify the issues that can keep you stuck in old, unwanted patterns of behavior. We'll show you how to sweep those obstacles aside so you can make the change you want to make.So what's your goal?

  • take off some extra weight?
  • kick the smoking habit once and for all?
  • improve your response to stressful situations?
  • eliminate a fear?
  • some other positive change?

Karen Hand and Catherine Johns see select clients at locations on the northwest side of Chicago.


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